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Apostille Services: How to Get your documents authenticated with an Apostille

Getting a Document authenticated with an apostille

ACME LIVE SCAN & NOTARY is your Contra Costa Notary Public and Apostille expert who helps reduce the processing time and take the guesswork out of the apostille process, including notarizing documents, obtaining state or federal authentications, working with translation specialists to translate documents into the target language, and submitting paperwork to a competent State or Federal authority.


  1. Local Pickup and Delivery in Antioch, CA
  2. Experienced with all facets of authentication services
  3. Expedited In-Person apostille process with the State of California
  4. Document checking prior to submission to the Secretary of State
  5. Mobile appointments available in the greater Bay Area
  6. Experience with Birth Certificates, Death Certificate, Special Power of Attorney, etc.
  7. Servicing the community since 2016

Let our experts help you focus on more important aspects of your overseas travel by calling (925)237-9550 to discuss the requirements for your document authentication.

An apostille (pronounced ah-po-stee), meaning “certification” in French, is a seal that legitimizes legal documents for use outside the United States or country of origin. This is commonly required when you go overseas to conduct business, buy property, get married, or adopt a child.

Why you might need an apostille

In some cases, documents to be used overseas may require an apostille before a foreign country will recognize its authenticity and authority. Many but not all countries accept an apostille from the Secretary of State where the document originated.

When a state issues an apostille and authentication, it is to verify the notary public is authorized to provide the notarization or certification and that he/she has done so under state laws.

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California, Streamlining the Travel and Wedding Planning Process: The Benefits of Using an experienced Apostille Facilitator

The Benefits of Using an experienced Apostille Facilitator

Travel agents and wedding planners are masters of organization and detail. With the heavy responsibility of coordinating important events in the lives of clients, being able to delegate some of the tasks to a notary apostille facilitator could be an invaluable time and money saver, especially when managing a destination wedding in a foreign country.

Depending on the country where the wedding is taking place, different documents may be required to be apostilled- legally certified, so that they can be recognized in a foreign country. These documents may include marriage licenses, birth certificates, and other legal documents. Weddings in popular destinations like Mexico or the Bahamas have very different requirements from countries such as Thailand or Singapore, and you will want to make sure your client has all of the information they need to complete this process with fidelity.

Obtaining an apostille for destination wedding documents can be complex and time-consuming, as it may involve obtaining signatures and certifications from multiple authorities. An apostille facilitator can help simplify this process by handling all aspects of the apostille request, including obtaining necessary signatures, preparing the documents, and submitting them to the apropriate authorities.

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Once I contacted ACME Live Scan & Notary for 7 affidavits, they immediately started the process and had all completed with great professionalism and within the very week of my first contact.
Post By: Dilson Oliveira Created Date:Monday, November 25, 2019
Subject: Yelp Review
Jeff is a great guy and I've used his services three times now. He works out of his house or mobile and he usually has an open schedule and can work great with last second calls. He is a licensed notary and also does live scans and it's pretty quick unlike a busy notary at a store. I recommend him and I will continue to go back to him.
Post By: Morteza A. Created Date:Monday, July 20, 2020
Subject: Yelp Review
My husband and I used him as a notary for our marriage license and he was very helpful and quick. A month later we used him again for our marriage certificate and again he was quick and was able to see us within 5 mins of us calling him. Quick, cheap and efficient. Although he does not have a fancy facility and you meet at his outdoor home office, he gets the job done quickly and at a fair price.
Post By: Emily A. Created Date:Monday, July 20, 2020
Subject: Google Review
Man!!!!! This guy is amazing! He comes through at ANY TIME!! Whenever you’re in an immediate need for a notary, he’s the man to go to! Period! HE COMES TO YOU! Extremely professional & gets the job done :-)
Post By: Lisa Templer Created Date:Thursday, December 30, 2021
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Definitely recommend! I called him and within 15 minutes, he was here doing our live scans. Very friendly, professional quick and efficient!
Post By: LeeAnna M. Created Date:Thursday, December 23, 2021
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This was by far the best price for this service in my area. It only took a couple of minutes. I was in and out and on my way in about 10 minutes. This is the best spot to get ur live scan done!
Post By: Autumn R. Created Date:Thursday, December 09, 2021
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Very friendly and professional. I would highly recommend for Loan signings 👍
Post By: Rosemarie F. Created Date:Tuesday, November 23, 2021
Subject: Google Review
I had a situation to wear I needed a Very last minute Will notary for my brother and it was done in 36 hours he is in California we are in New York. There were many things that came up that had nothing to do with Jeff, comma that he fixed quickly. They are very professional and helpful for any questions you may have.A God send. Thanks again Jeff.
Post By: Judy Robbins Created Date:Thursday, February 10, 2022
Subject: Google Review
Used Jeff for his services as a notary and for live scan. Easy appointment scheduling. Conveniently located near me in east bay. Good natured, knowledgeable and professional. Best customer service. Will definitely use him again!
Post By: Lynn Sorvari Created Date:Thursday, March 03, 2022
Subject: Google Review
Jeff is amazing! He met me at a convenient location for a last minute live scan, was super painless and fast! I was so grateful that he is mobile. Jeff is extremely knowledgable, kind and professional! I would recommend him to anyone for all notary and live scan needs! THANK YOU JEFF!!
Post By: Heidi Felton Created Date:Sunday, March 27, 2022