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How to Obtain a Remote Online Notarization

Remote online notarization has been available in some states for a long time. But for most people, it’s not something they were aware of until the pandemic began because notaries in California must meet physically with the person who they are notarizing the document for. This post explains what RON is, when it will be legal in California, and what you can do if you need a remote online notarization completed.

What is Remote Online Notarization (RON?)

Remote online notarization is when the signer of a document connects with a notary over the internet using a camera and a microphone. It is also known as virtual notarization or webcam notarization. RON is frequently confused with electronic notarization. But they are two distinctly different practices. Electronic notarizations are completed with the notary and the signer in the same physical space, meeting the physical appearance requirement of notarization. The documents being signed and notarized are simply in an electronic format. Otherwise, the notary appointment is conducted the same way as an appointment with a paper document.

Where is RON Legal?

There are RON laws in 39 states as of 2022. Of these states, a select few have temporary laws. Notaries commissioned in California cannot perform RON yet. Bill AB-1093 is currently working its way through the state legislature. As of this writing, RON is set to take effect in California on July 1, 2023, barring any delays in the process.

How to Get a RON in California

California residents can pursue remote online notarization from a notary outside the state. While California notaries cannot perform the RON, they can help to connect you to a notary in a state that can perform RON. There are some exceptions in certain states. But generally speaking, as long as the person who wants a RON (the signer) connects with a notary who is physically located in the state where RON is permitted, the notarization can proceed.

Acme Live Scan and Notary proudly offers remote online notarization facilitation for those in California, other US states, and other countries. To find out how to obtain a RON in California, call us today at 925-237-1475 to learn more!

AB 506 New Law

What to Know About California’s AB 506 Requirements

In September 2021, the California Assembly passed the AB506 bill into law. This law aims to screen and train people who are working with youth in California. It is also intended to help organizations that serve young people to develop policies that will protect children from abuse and exploitation. This post explains how AB506 impacts people who work with youth in California and the requirements they must follow to be compliant with the law. What Does AB506 Do?

AB506 went into effect on January 1, 2022. One part of the law requires organizations that serve minor children to develop policies designed to protect the children they serve. Specifically, the law requires an organization like a church or a children’s activity provider to:

  • Create a policy that outlines who is required to get a criminal background check through a California Department of Justice approved vendor.
  • Implement a policy for completing child abuse and neglect reporting.
  • Develop a policy and procedure for reporting cases of suspected abuse to authorities outside the organization.
  • Inform parents and guardians in writing about their background check policy and to whom it applies.

Who Does California AB506 Apply to? AB506 requires administrators, employees, and volunteers to comply with the law if they work directly with children. This includes volunteers over the age of 18 who work with children at least 16 hours per month or 32 hours each year. The law requires volunteers who meet the threshold, employees, and administrators to:

  • Undergo a criminal background check through the California Department of Justice
  • Get fingerprinted via live scan
  • Complete the 2-hour California Mandated Reporter training that covers child abuse and neglect.

How to Comply with California AB506 Requirements People who have to comply with AB506 requirements should check with their respective organizations before completing their requirements. Some organizations have partnered with approved background check companies and training companies to facilitate compliance with the law. If you work with children in multiple organizations or you switch jobs, you may have to go through a background check and be live scan fingerprinted again, depending on the organization’s policy.

Figuring out where to go to get your live scan fingerprinting done is typically the most difficult aspect of the background check process. The good news is that many live scan fingerprinting service providers, including notary publics, offer mobile services and appointment times that fit your schedule.

Acme Live Scan and Notary is ready to help anyone who needs to have live scan fingerprinting completed in the San Francisco Bay Area. Call us at 925-237-1475 to schedule an appointment today!

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Virtual Notarizations

Are you outside the United States but need a Notary Public?

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