Contactless fingerprinting

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Contactless Live Scan Fingerprinting

Safe and secure live scan fingerprinting appointments

During this unprecidented time ACME LIVE SCAN & NOTARY has inplemented security measures to keep its customers safe. The Department of Justice has made it possible to allow the acceptance of only flat fingerprint impressions. This means that when possible we can take your fingerprints without touching you. (sometimes this is not the case) We are doing our part to keep everyone safe as we perform this necessary process for the community.

Along with the contactless fingerprinting we have implemented appointment scheduling through our website. This will allow you to make an appointment and pay for the entire appointment. The fee listed is for most fingerprint applications and adjustments may need to be made at the time of your appointment. When scheduling you will be able to indicate the ORI code from your Live Scan Request Form so that we can make any payment adjustments prior to your appointment. This will allow a complete contactless appointment with you.