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Government Agency Fees

Fees subject to change. All final fees determined by your live scan request form.
ORI CODE Applicant Type Job Title Fee
A0023 License Dental Auxiliaries $49.00
A0042 License,Permit Insurance $49.00
A0059 Ambulance Driver Ambulance Driver $32.00
A0065 License Physician and Surgeon $0.00
A0075 License,Certification,Permit Real Estate License $49.00
A0083 Bank License Per 379 FC Bank Officer/Director $49.00
A0084 License Cert or Permit Notary Public $49.00
A0133 License/Registration/Permit Registered Veterinary Technician $49.00
A0133 License / Registration Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) $49.00
A0181 Liquor License Alcoholic Beverage License $49.00
A0237 Resrce Fam Per 16519.5 Resrce Fam Per 16519.5 $0.00
A0237 Resrce Fam Per 16519.5 Resrce Fam Per 16519.5 $0.00
A0281 License Cert or Permit Teacher Credential $49.00
A0391 License,Certification,Permit Registered Nurse License (RN) $49.00
A0400 Adoptions Adoptions $64.00
A0432 License Physical Therapist $49.00
A0433 License Physician Assistant $49.00
A0435 License,Certification,Permit Psychologist $49.00
A0441 RE Appraiser Lic 11343 BP CJIS RE Appraisers lic / AMC Cert $0.00
A0448 License,Certification, Applicant Child Care Center 6+ $74.00
A0522 Security Guard Security Guard $49.00
A0522 Security Guard w/Firearm Security Guard w/Firearm $87.00
A0536 EMT/Paramedic/Mob Int Nurse Paramedic $49.00
A0819 Credetialed Scool Emp Substitute Teacher $0.00
A0857 Contractor License Contractors License $49.00
A0857 Contractor License Home Improvement Salesperson $49.00
A1099 License, Certification, Permit Structural Pest Control $49.00
A1099 License,Certification,Permit Structural Pest Control $49.00
A1226 Certification Certified Nursing Assistant(CNA) $32.00
A1533 Professional Process Server Professional Process Server $49.00
A1938 Emergency Medical Technician(EMT) EMT Certificate $49.00
A2653 Employment Fire District Aide $0.00
A4484 Employee Executive Assistant $0.00
A5019 Classified Employee Volunteer $49.00
A5068 Classified School Employee varies $0.00
A5068 Credentialed School Employee varies $0.00
A5081 Substitute Teacher Teacher $32.00
A5081 Classified Volunteer $0.00
A7414 Elder Care IHSS Provider $32.00
A9203 Elder Care IHSS Care Provider $32.00
AA735 Elder Care IHSS Provider $32.00
AB165 Firearms Record Review Firearms Eligibility $25.00
AE709 VISA/Immigration VISA/Immigration $32.00
AG833 Volunteer Afterschool Academy Tutor $0.00
AH422 Contract Employee Behavior Therapist $0.00
AK920 Employee Employee $0.00
AL329 Resource Family Per 16509.5 Foster Parent $64.00
AL696 Employee Supervisor $49.00
AP044 Employee Behavior Technician $49.00
AP564 Tax Preparer CA Registered Tax Preparer $32.00
AR828 Volunteer Volunteer $0.00
CA0070000 Standard CCW Concealed Carry Weopon License $93.00
CA0342600 Lottery Retailer Lottery Retailer $0.00
CA0349400 Firearms Eligibility Cert Certificate of Eligibility $71.00
CA0349400 FP Roller Fingerprint Roller $74.00
CA0349435 Record Review Record Review $25.00
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